Pedestrian Outerwear is a clothing company from Bozeman, MT founded in the winter of 2015, by a student at Montana State University, Jeffery Baker. 2015 was a very turbulent and tragic year for Jeffery, as two very influential figures in his life passed. Eric Friedman was the father to Jeffery's long time best friend, Ben, and held a very important role in Jeffery's life. Eric was a kind, driven individual, and helped inspire a love for the outdoors in Jeffery. In late October of 2015, Eric passed away. His death took an immense toll on everyone he touched, but his motivation and work ethic resonated within Jeffery. As the pain of Eric's passing slowly dimmed, Jeffery lost another friend, Ryan Murphy. Ryan grew up with Jeffery, and was one of the first adolescents to push Jeffery into nature. The two shared countless memories together, whether it be playing baseball, or skiing on the slopes of Snoqualmie. Ryan's goofy, enthusiastic personality rubbed off on everyone around him, and taught Jeffery to enjoy the little things in life.

Between these two and many more, Jeffery became engulfed in the outdoors. Growing up in the state of Washington, Jeffery was given every   opportunity to be outside. Whether it be playing sports, skiing, or camping, his true comfort zone, he found, was in nature. When the time came to decide on college, MSU was the clear choice. Surrounded by one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, Bozeman offers an immense selection of some of world's best skiing, hiking, climbing, and more. Within it's borders, some of the nation's biggest outdoor enthusiasts reside and take advantage of the many things that the small city has to offer.


The outdoors present us with many lessons. The world we live in is beautiful and begs to be explored. The experiences had in the outdoors are the experiences you'll never forget. Pedestrian Outerwear is centered around this lifestyle, and combines simple designs with quality materials to compliment those who spend their time in the great outdoors.






In Memory Of

Ryan Murphy 7/1/1996 - 12/17/2015 Eric Friedman 7/14/1960 - 10/24/2015



EST 2015


Thomas Dr.

Bozeman, MT 59718